1) the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium
2) phs mechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, traveling in air at a speed of approximately 1087 ft. (331 m) per second at sea level and at other speeds in other media
3) the particular auditory effect produced by a given source:
the sound of fire engines[/ex]
4) a noise, vocal utterance, musical tone, or the like:
the sounds from the next room[/ex]
5) pms mad a distinctive, characteristic, or recognizable musical style:
the Motown sound[/ex]
6) phn
b) the audible result of an articulation, utterance, or part of an utterance: the th-sound in there
7) phs the auditory effect of sound waves as transmitted or recorded by a particular system of sound reproduction
8) the quality of an event, letter, etc., as it affects a person:
I don't like the sound of that report[/ex]
9) the distance within which something can be heard
10) meaningless noise:
all sound and fury[/ex]
11) archaic a report or rumor
12) to make or emit a sound
13) to give forth a signal, as a call or summons
14) to convey a certain impression when heard or read:
His voice sounded strange[/ex]
15) to give a specific sound:
to sound loud[/ex]
16) to appear; seem:
The report sounds true[/ex]
17) to cause to sound:
Sound the alarm[/ex]
18) to give forth (a sound):
The oboe sounded an A[/ex]
19) to announce or order by a sound:
The bugle sounded retreat[/ex]
20) to utter audibly; pronounce:
to sound each letter[/ex]
21) to examine by percussion or auscultation:
to sound a patient's chest[/ex]
22) phv sound off, Informal.
a) to call out one's name, as at military roll call
b) to call out the cadence as one marches in formation
c) to speak frankly or indiscreetly
d) to exaggerate; boast
Etymology: 1250–1300; (n.) ME soun < AF (OF son) < L sonus; (v.) ME sounen < OF suner < L sonāre, der. of sonus sound′a•ble, adj. II
[[t]saʊnd[/t]] adj. -er, -est, adv.
1) med free from injury, damage, defect, disease, etc.; in good condition; healthy; robust:
a sound body[/ex]
2) financially strong, secure, or reliable:
a sound investment[/ex]
3) competent, sensible, or valid:
sound judgment[/ex]
4) of substantial or enduring character:
sound moral values[/ex]
5) having a logical basis:
sound reasoning[/ex]
6) uninterrupted and untroubled; deep:
sound sleep[/ex]
7) vigorous, thorough, or severe:
a sound thrashing[/ex]
8) upright; honorable
9) law having no legal defect:
a sound title to the property[/ex]
10) cvb deeply; thoroughly:
sound asleep[/ex]
Etymology: 1150–1200; ME sund, OE gesund (see y-); c. D gezond, G gesund sound′ly, adv. sound′ness, n. III
[[t]saʊnd[/t]] v. t.
1) naut. navig. to measure or try the depth of (water, a deep hole, etc.) by letting down a lead or plummet at the end of a line, or by some equivalent means
2) naut. navig. to measure (depth) in such a manner, as at sea
3) naut. navig. to examine or test (the bottom, as of the sea or a deep hole) with a lead that brings up adhering bits of matter
4) to seek to ascertain:
to sound a person's views[/ex]
5) to attempt to elicit the views of (a person) by indirect inquiries (often fol. by out):
Sound her out about working for us[/ex]
6) naut. navig. to use the lead and line or some other device for measuring depth, as at sea
7) naut. navig. to go down or touch bottom, as a lead
8) to plunge downward or dive, as a whale
9) to seek information, esp. by indirect inquiries
Etymology: 1300–50; ME sounden < OF sonder to plumb, der. of sonde sounding line sound′a•ble, adj. IV
[[t]saʊnd[/t]] n.
1) a relatively narrow passage of water between larger bodies of water or between the mainland and an island:
Long Island Sound[/ex]
2) an inlet, arm, or recessed portion of the sea:
Puget Sound[/ex]
3) ich the air bladder of a fish
Etymology: bef. 900; ME; OE sund swimming, sea, c. ONsund; akin to swim

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